The Hugo Team.

Our partners - three nationally recognized experts - began their collaboration publishing cutting-edge research in peer-reviewed academic journals. Attorneys, mediators, and judges quickly saw the value and began demanding services for pending cases.

Christopher Robertson, JD, PHD

Christopher is Professor and Associate Dean for Research at the University of Arizona.

Robertson is a Harvard-trained lawyer who has taught at Harvard Law School and NYU School of Law, and is affiliated faculty at Harvard’s Petrie Flom Center for Health Care Policy, Bioethics and Biotechnology. Building on his litigation experience in products liability and insurance cases, Robertson’s two published books and 50 articles explore scientific integrity and foundations of juror decision-making. Among his recent publications is the New England Journal of Medicine, California Law Review and Behavioral Science Policy. Robertson has been featured on NPR, the Washington Post, Wall Street Journal, and NBC News.

David Yokum, JD, PHD

David is a founding member of the White House’s Social & Behavioral Sciences team.

Currently, Yokum is the Director of The Lab @ DC. Trained as both a psychologist and a lawyer, Yokum’s published works emphasize the cognitive foundations of judgment and decision-making and are published in leading journals and covered by NPR, The New York Times, The Wall Street Journal, Slate, USA Today, Politico, Scientific American, Forbes, Huffington Post, and elsewhere.

Bernard Chao, JD

Bernard is the co-director of the Denver Empirical Justice Institute and a professor at the University of Denver Law School.

Chao was a patent litigator in Silicon Valley and served as a Special Master in the largest multidistrict patent litigation in U.S. history, In Re Katz Interactive Call Processing Technology. Chao’s published works examine how cognitive bias affects jury damage awards and how different legal rules affect those same awards. Several of Chao’s works have been cited in briefs to the Supreme Court (e.g. Apple v. Samsung, Life Technologies v. Promega) and have been published or discussed in The Recorder, Nature, Forbes, California Law Review among other outlets.