HUGO Analytics, LLC leverages empirical methods and advanced data analytics to improve litigation outcomes. We apply social science insights and experimental testing to determine, rapidly and rigorously, what litigation strategies are most likely to succeed.

Our partners - three nationally recognized experts - began their collaboration publishing cutting-edge research in peer-reviewed academic journals. Attorneys, mediators, and judges quickly saw the value and began demanding services for pending cases.

The Problem.

Trial attorneys rely on myths, intuition, focus groups, and questionnaires, but these methods are slow, costly and, statistically speaking, useless. Here’s why:

Too small.

Focus groups generally consist of 15-30 people that watch one version of the case. But a few outliers in the room can skew the outcome. Statistical power is especially important if you care about damages (you should), not just win rate. Moreover, large samples are the only way to make valid predictions based on demographics and voir dire questions. Maybe all three older women in a focus group did vote for you, but will that hold up with the next three?


Intuitions and trial myths often stem from a successful outcome in one case and then grow from there. Yet, the outcome may be peculiar or due to sheer luck. To determine what really caused an outcome, real scientists demand head-to-head randomized experiments.

Echo Chamber.

Study after study has shown that people are unable to understand their own decisions – they instead reconstruct stories that sound good to the people asking the questions. Real scientists blind respondents to the purpose of the project, and systematically manipulate factors that may affect outcomes. Then, the result of the experiment – the one strategy that wins most often, speaks for itself.

Wasting Time & Money.

With traditional focus groups, attorneys can spend weeks preparing and presenting a case and sink upwards of $50,000. The process often happens too late to shape initial themes, drive discovery, and inform settlement decisions.

The Solution.

HUGO Analytics enables litigators to test any variety of case theories and strategies across thousands of virtual jurors and provides litigators with a host of scientifically rigorous data, analysis and solutions, quickly and efficiently. We can also provide robust reports that persuade adversaries, mediators, and judges as to case value and causal factors that shape case outcomes.

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