We estimate your likelihood of winning and average damages awarded, to shape settlement and investment decisions, as well as persuade an adversary or neutral. We show the worth of the case.


We A|B test how to frame the case, whether your party should accept responsibility, how to address damages, or which expert is most credible. The results speak for themselves.

Voir Dire

We identify the jurors that are most likely to be favorable, based on demographics and custom questions most relevant to your case. We help you empanel a fair jury.


We simulate your case both with and without a trial court error—such as the seating of a prejudiced juror, the admission of unreliable evidence, or incorrect jury instruction—to measure its effect on the trial outcome. In short, we can prove the prejudice, if any.

An Example of Our Work:

Probability X Damages = Case Expected Value

In this experiment, we tested which of two trial tactics lead to a higher case expected value; in particular, whether the defendant suggested a damages amount (B) or not (A) - which may lower any award, but may also backfire and increase lose rates by implying an admission of liability. Rather than guessing, measured results demonstrated that in this case remaining silent was preferable.

Probability of Outcome
Probability chart
Estimated Damages
Damages chart
Case Expected Value
CEV chart CEV chart

For large cases approaching trial, we offer custom tailored support packages with extensive engagement, custom demographic panels, and randomized experimentation to optimize strategy. If you’d like more information, contact us at [email protected].

CasePortrait250 is our low-cost automated analysis package, which allows you to confidentially submit a textual case summary, and receive back within 5-business days a basic case evaluation.