Frequently Asked Questions.

HUGO Analytics leverages empirical methods and advanced data analytics to improve litigation outcomes. We apply social science insights and experimental testing to determine, rapidly and rigorously, what litigation strategies are most likely to succeed.

How do you protect confidentiality?

All participants agree to non-disclosure. We also change the names in the videos. Each individual participant is only assigned to one experimental condition, so they cannot see what tactics we are testing, or even tell whether it is academic research or litigation research.

Do respondents pay attention?

We pay our respondents market rates, screen out those who have poor performance on other tasks, and observe their answers to questions and timing on our tasks to disqualify those who fail. Having done both online and in-person experiments, we find that online respondents perform as well or better.

Do you manage conflicts?

Like full-service law firms, we believe in the trial process and provide the most objective advice working with clients on either side. So we examine conflicts on a case-by-case basis. Although we are not practicing law, we abide by the same conflict of interest rules that lawyers do.